Work Rehabilitation

Road to Results

Rehabilitation aims to overcome barriers to accessing, maintaining or returning to employment or other useful occupation.

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  • Insight

    The process of identifying an individual’s level of functioning in relation to work preparation and employment decision making.

  • Reflect

    This includes an in depth exploration of a possible return to work with the guidance of the client, employer and therapist.

  • Transform

    Facilitating and predicting employment outcomes that result in successful client vocational rehabilitation

Work Rehabilitation taking care of your occupational needs

Encouraging independence and function in the client’s worker role.

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    • Work Rehabilitation therapists

      MC Occupational Therapy Work Rehabilitation takes an innovative approach to program development.

    • Development

      Our therapists are required to complete the necessary qualifications and courses, ensuring your peace of mind.

    • Tier Levels

      MC Occupational Therapy levels are based on experience and education as well as progressively learnt skills from regular CPD courses. The more they know the better equipped they are.

A comprehensive experience

Supplement your skills as a worker by enrolling in a CPR workshop.

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Equip yourself

Having the tools to save a life is more than just a "nice to have"

The MC Occupational Therapy Glyphs

Understanding the values that will follow the implementation of these actions, while maintaining artefacts that create the desired results.

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