Physical Rehabilitation

Road to Results

MC Occupational therapy treats injuries or illnesses that affect your physical ability, with the aim to increase your independence.

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  • Insight

    Upper limb and hand difficulties, Balance deficits, Muscle weakness, Fine motor difficulties, Gross motor incoordination

  • Reflect

    A personalized prescription is tailor made to combine our findings and your personal goals for therapy.

  • Transform

    Improve, adapt or compensate to return to optimal physical living.

Occupational Therapy taking care of your rehabilitation needs

MC OT works with individuals and groups that have conditions that are mentally, physically, developmentally, socially and emotionally disabling.

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    • Occupational Therapist

      Help their clients to achieve a fulfilled balanced life through personalized interventions, to obtain maximum independence in their activities of daily living.

    • Prescription

      Ascertaining patient requirements and making them Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time bound.

    • Projection

      Therapy goals are revised with the client regularly to manage progression and provide on-going feedback

A comprehensive experience

Supplement physical rehabilitation experience with a basic life support CPR program.

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Equip yourself

Having the tools to save a life is more than just a "nice to have"

The MC Occupational Therapy Glyphs

Understanding the values that will follow the implementation of these actions, while maintaining artefacts that create the desired results.

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“My experience with the staff was really worthwhile. They are happy to see you and really professional in their dealings with you. They also know their field of expertise. Always on time (very professional) and helpful. I would really recommend them.-”

Mark Malan