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The elderly are faced with many difficulties as the brain and body lose their strength and agility. Occupational therapy aims to improve and maintain quality of life to allow the autumn years to be filled with happiness.

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    Many problems arise in the elderly. Alzheimers, Dementia, Parkinsons, Stroke are but a few of the ailments seen in this population. It is important to assess who the person is, what they enjoy and what their lives were filled with prior to the dysfunction.

  • Reflect

    Independence is so important to any human being. We all want to be able to do things for ourselves for example grooming, toileting, bathing. Therefore we need to assess what the person needs to be independent. A grab rail for safety in the bathroom, a wheelchair for independence in mobility or a bath chair to make bathing a possibility could be all the person needs to function on their own.

    Cognitive stimulation is imperative for the elderly. Retirement leads to less cognitive requirements on the brain and physical agility also diminishes. The Occupational Therapist strives to find interests and brainstorms with the family and caregivers to manage the patients’life in the best possible way. Group therapy is a new exciting offer that we are introducing to our geriatric clients! Contact us for details

  • Transform

    The goal in the field of Geriatrics is to provide the elderly with the best possible life in the safest environment. Ease of life for the patient and family/caregiver is the ultimate outcome.

MC Occupational therapists strive to treasure the abilities and wisdom of the elderly

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      MC occupational therapists are proud to work with the best Geriatricians in the country. We offer our services to many old age home and retirement villages.

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      We have meetings bimonthly with one of the leading medical aids and healthcare providers to attempt to give the best possible care to patients that need help.

    • Professionalism

      The elderly have so much knowledge and wisdom to impart therefor we only employ caring and knowledgeable therapists at MCOT to ensure we cherish our older patients.

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Supplement your Occupational therapy experience with a basic life support CPR program

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Having the tools to save a life is more than just a "nice to have"

The MC Occupational Therapy Glyphs

Understanding the values that will follow the implementation of these actions, while maintaining artefacts that create the desired results.

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current MC Occupational Therapy Geriatrics road client
“Michele was able to assist me with my difficulties after I contracted Gullain Barre Syndrome in November 2013”

Howard Tucker