Daily Living Activites

Road to Results

Activities of daily living are routine activities that people do every day without needing assistance. We assist our clients to achieve optimal performance in these activities.

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  • Insight

    Consulting with the client to identify their limitations in daily activities

  • Reflect

    create a detailed action plan to target the client’s difficulties

  • Transform

    transforming starts with the client regaining their independence

Our therapists can assist you with the basic tasks of everyday living

MC Occupational Therapy recruit, train and retain the finest professionals ensuring that you receive the highest level of service.

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    • Daily Living Activites Therapists

      We strive to empower our therapists while continually challenging them so that they in turn are continuously stimulated to proving a better service to you our client.

    • Development

      Our therapists are required to annually complete CPD courses; this allows us to stay informed of new techniques and equipment.

    • Professionalism

      We employ only professionals with adequate skills, good judgment, polite and caring behaviour and therapists that are able to think out of the box.

A comprehensive experience

Supplement your recovery and your family’s health and safety by enrolling in a CPR course.

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Equip yourself

Having the tools to save a life is more than just a "nice to have"

The MC Occupational Therapy Glyphs

Understanding the values that will follow the implementation of these actions, while maintaining artefacts that create the desired results.

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“The first thing that struck me about Michele was her positivity and sense of empathy, understanding and professionalism"

Jeremy Levy