Cognitive & Perceptual

Road to Results

The perceptual evaluation will assess how a person perceives and interacts with the world around him using his five senses. Cognition is the integration of the sensory information received to create the desired response. Cognitive aspects such as concentration, memory, reasoning and personality are just a few of the executive skills that would be evaluated.

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  • Insight

    Assessment associated with the integration/interpretation of sensory impressions received and the ability to process store, retrieve and manipulate such information.

  • Reflect

    Enable the client’s ability to learn, retain, and use new information in response to changes in everyday life.

  • Transform

    Enhancing our patients quality of life by promoting improved performances of necessary and meaningful activities

MC Occupational Therapy Cognitive & Perceptual rehabilitation- facilitating appropriate interaction with your world.

Our therapists strive to stimulate, restore and maintain your brain’s mental abilities.

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      Our therapists facilitate individuals’ cognitive and perceptual functioning to enhance occupational performance, self-efficacy, participation, and perceived quality of life

    • Development

      The team at MC Occupational therapy is members of the South African Neurological rehabilitation association (SANRA) and together with these international conferences as well as other workshops we keep abreast on current developments in this field.

    • Tier Levels

      MC OT’s have individual and group treatment experience and are aligned with Headway Gauteng which allows us the opportunity to work within a multi-disciplinary team.

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The MC Occupational Therapy Glyphs

Understanding the values that will follow the implementation of these actions, while maintaining artefacts that create the desired results.

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“I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 20 years ago. Occupational therapy assists me to strengthen and maintain my upper body, arm and hand movements. This allows me to function in everyday life in my activities of daily living. I can still walk using my crutches due to my good upper limb strength. I really enjoy my Occupational Therapy session and find it most beneficial.”