Road to Results

MC Occupational Therapy do a pre-consultation to access your requirements and problematic areas.

  • Paediatrics access
  • Paediatrics workout program
  • Paediatrics results
  • Consultation / Assessment

    Assess current physical condition in order to treat.

  • Treatment

    To providing a therapeutic intevention with focus on treating your specific goals and needs.

  • Maintenance

    Regular re-assessments are done to track changes and make necessary adjustments to therapy goals

Therapeutic Assessments at MC Occupational Therapy

Enhance function to ensure better quality of life

  • Paediatrics Wellness
    • Assessments Therapist

      MC Occupational Therapy assessments therapists form part of the MC Occupational Therapy as professional practitioners within our environments.

    • Development

      Continuously evolving and improving, our assessments professionals partake in our in-house development plan, as well as, stay abreast of continued education with certain therapists holding BSC degrees under their belts.

    • Supplement

      Should you require a referral to an alternative practitioner such as a physiotherapist or chiropractor your assessments therapist will inform you of such.

A comprehensive experience

Supplement your recovery and your family’s health and safety by enrolling in a CPR course.

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Equip yourself

Having the tools to save a life is more than just a "nice to have"

“Cindy has the rare combinations of professional expertise, uncompromised focus on the patient, dedication and depth of humanity unparalleled. Her professionalism is driven by devotion, buffered by great maturity and high energy levels. Both her energies and professionalism are powered by a deep belief in her patient.”

Brenda Berlowitz